Office tenants whose businesses are growing may be looking to expand, others may be looking to downsize. You may be interested in moving into or out of a Class A, B or C building or prefer a different location for commuting reasons or greater access to local amenities like restaurants for your out of town clients.

I have leased office space in a variety of buildings and cities and completely understands the value of finding a space that is configured the most efficient way for your business to operate smoothly and comfortably. I have a database of all the managing agents and office buildings in Fairfield and Westchester Counties streamlining the process of guiding you to the right space for your business.

Retail tenants may be looking for a location with more exposure. You may wish to expand or reduce your size or you may need better parking for your customers. The empty store fronts from the poor economy are getting filled, however typically there are turnovers in retail space that often lead to good opportunities. As your representative I will research all available spaces that fit your size, financial, and location requirements.


Finding the right tenant as quickly as possible is my mission for any landlord I represents. My approach is not just to list your property on-line or put up a sign and then wait for the phone to ring. As your agent I will be proactive in reaching out to potential tenants. This is accomplished by sending mailings and on-line flyers of the available space to potential merchants or office tenants your space is suited for. Since I has no objection to sharing a deal with another real estate agent I will send out a flyer on your available space to a list of agents in the area. Your space will be listed on www.cbcworldwide.com. Commercial real estate web sites will also be utilized for the most exposure. See more under the Marketing page.

Here are some details that I will help you understand and negotiate.

  • Rentable vs. Usable square footage

  • Common Area Maintenance charges (CAM)

  • Triple Net vs. Modified Gross

  • Right of First Refusal vs. Option to Purchase

  • Build outs

  • Personal Guarantee vs. Good Guy Clause

You will be hand-held through the process of evaluating a space. Taking your needs and budget into consideration I will locate the right space for your business. Having been a tenant and landlord he is the perfect catalyst to recognize the right fit and bridge the parties together.

Your Lease:

Although I am not an attorney I will review your lease to make sure it has or doesn’t have key clauses. He will offer constructive guidance to help you through the lease evaluation process. One example is that today most lawyers of tenants will insist on a personal guarantee with a good- guy clause. I will explain the difference to a standard personal guarantee so you know what you are getting into. A good-guy clause can be beneficial to both Landlords and Tenants.