Electric and Gas Suppliers Charge Different Rates

We can find the lowest rates for you:

Electric and Gas Rates – How the system works:

  • Electricity and Gas are charged for two actions, supply and delivery.

  • Con Edison, Connecticut Light and Power, and other State Utility companies deliver the power. 

  • Thanks to government deregulation there are many Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) that supply the power. 

  • Your utility bills will have separate delivery and supply charges. 

  • ESCO’s compete with each other so their rates vary.

Rock Energy Consultants (REC) - How we work for you:

  • REC is a firm that has relationships with many ESCO’s and keeps accurate track of all of their rates on a monthly basis.

  • This allows REC to identify the lowest cost suppliers

  • By simply reviewing your complete utility bill we can compare your rates to the lowest in the market. 

  • There are absolutely NO FEES, and potential savings up to 20%. 

  • Simply contact me for a no obligation review of your utility bills

    • Paul Ficalora 917-715-4346